The Pork Company

1012 US Hwy 117 South Warsaw, NC 28398

Phone: (910) 293-2157

Phone Extensions:
x6561 Human Resources
x6565 Purchasing
x6556 Maintenance
x6548 Finance

Fax: (910) 293-3667

Office Hours: 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday

The Pork Company Brand

The Pork Company is a fresh pork harvesting plant that ships pork products mainly to distribution centers and larger retail stores domestically and abroad. Located in Warsaw, N.C., we work with as many producers in our local area as possible. As longtime members of the pork industry, we like to help and encourage smaller producers to stay in hog farming.

Our vision is to be able to add new product lines of enhanced pork in the near future. We are always looking ahead to remain a leading pork supplier and hope to grow our business to provide increasingly superior service for our customers. Our goal is to sell a high quality product at a good value to our customers.

Baby Back Ribs Baby Back Ribs 10 - Rib Center
Spare Ribs Bone-In Pork Loin Bonless Strap-Off Loin
Boston Butt Fresh Ham Neck Bone
Picnic Picnic Picnic Hocks
Pigs Feet Pigs Feet Pork Belly
Rib-In Pork Belly Riblets Boneless Sirloin
St Louis Ribs St Louis Ribs Spare Ribs
Smoked Meats
Smoked Ham Smoked Hocks Smoked Slab Bacon
Smoked Neck Bone Smoked Picnic Smoked Turkey Wing
Smoked Turkey Leg Smoked Turkey Neck