S&J Villari Livestock

1012 US Hwy 117 South Warsaw, NC 28398

Phone: (910) 293-2157

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Fax: (910) 293-3667

Office Hours: 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday

History - S & J Villari Livestock

S & J Villari Livestock was founded in 1977 by Pepe, Sam and Joe Villari. Rocco Villari joined the company soon after and all men remain the sole owners and operators. The Villari family has a long history of dealing in livestock. We know the livestock business inside and out and thoroughly enjoy what we do. Because of the vast knowledge passed down over three generations, it only made sense that we launch our own livestock procuring company.

We have grown immensely since the day the company was founded over 40 years ago in New Jersey. Today, we serve Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio and North Carolina. We also buy hogs from the Midwest. S & J Villari Livestock is always planning for the next step and hopes to expand in the future, continuing to work with producers to always procure a superior supply of hogs for The Pork Company.