Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What type of products does Villari Foods produce?  We produce the highest quality, locally grown pork products.  Our best sellers include smoked hams, smoked picnics, smoked pork hocks, neck bones, tails and jowls.

2.  Where do our hogs come from? The vast majority of our hogs come from local North Carolina farmers, neighboring our facilities in Warsaw, NC.

3.  Do we practice sustainable production? Both our hog sources and our production facilities maintain the highest of standards regarding sustainable farming and development.  We also recycle our cardboard and plastics.  We monitor energy usage and conserve and monitor our water usage.

4.  Are any Villari products pre-cooked? All our smoked pork products are ready to heat and serve.

5.  What stores carry Villari products? Our products are carried in major grocery chains such as Piggly Wiggly, Food Lion, HEB, Fiesta Foods and Hannaford’s.  If you don’t see our products in your stores, let us know.  

6.  Do we sell direct to the consumer? Not currently, but that capability is being developed for implementation in 2014.

7.  Can Villari products be cooked after the "sell by" date? Yes, if you freeze before that date expires.

8.  Can Villari products be frozen? Yes.  However, like all meat products, do not freeze, thaw and refreeze.

10.  What makes Villari Foods different from our competitors? Our smoking process is unique because we use natural hickory wood for added flavor and some new chilling processes that lock in flavors.