About Villari Foods

Sam Villari

In 1925, Sam Villari opened a meat packing plant in Philadelphia, PA. This was quite an accomplishment for a man who had imigrated from Italy to the United States at the age of 16 with only the clothes on his back.  In 1930, he added a hog farm in New Jersey and started buying and selling livestock. Sam held a strong belief in family traditions and, over time, passed his knowledge to his three sons: John, Peter and Pepe.

Pepe Villari (approximately 10 years old)
at his father's farm
John and Pepe continued the farm and livestock business in New Jersey, while Peter stayed with the meat packing plant in Philadelphia. In keeping with the proud family traditions learned from his father, Pepe taught his three sons, Sam, Joe and Rocco, about the livestock production and packing business.

Sam and Joe built on Pepe’s ideas and started a livestock trucking business (Villari Bros. Trucking) in 1977. With Pepe’s indispensable guidance and oversight, Joe and Sam opened hog buying stations in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio and North Carolina (S&J Villari Livestock).

Top, Left to Right, John Villari (uncle), Pepe Villari (father),
Peter Villari (uncle) and Front Sam Villari (grandfather)

In 1995, Rocco joined the family business to work alongside his father and brothers. Holding firm to the proud family traditions and commitment to quality and ethical business, Sam, Joe and Rocco opened The Pork Company (TPC) in July 2001, a pork harvesting plant in Warsaw, N.C.

Left to Right, Villari Foods' Owners and Brothers Sam, Joe, Rocco

Villari Foods places extreme value on our customers knowing where their product is grown and produced. Everything that we do strives to reach our main goals: quality control and customer service. Over the years, the Villari family has expanded the scope of their operations and now has four independently operating companies. In September 2011, Villari Foods moved to a state-of-the-art facility, located three miles from the harvesting plant in Warsaw, N.C. 

Villari Corporate Staff

Our companies are completely integrated operations. We are passionate about each of our companies and truly enjoy what we do. We offer exceptional products and provide incomparable service. At Villari Foods, we pride ourselves on our dedication to our customers and our commitment to exceeding your expectations.